In Poland they live in the region of Podhale of the Tatra Mountains and parts of the Beskids. 

Every Polish region has its own folk traditions and costumes. The most popular Polish folk costumes are from Krakow , people in all regions in Poland would be able to recognize it. Other popular costumes are from Lowicz near Warsaw and also from Tatry Mountain area - especially Podhale.

Their clothing is usually colorful. In addition, women often wear coral necklaces, particularly red ones. They also decorate their hair with flowers or ribbons. In some regions, women may wear a hat or a loose headscarf. These are sometimes adorned with flowers or ribbons.

Folk costumes were the most trendy in the second half of XIX century when cheap and massively produced fabrics become available. Besides, peasants were not serfs anymore and their economical and political status improved, so they could afford to buy more and they wanted to show their pride by wearing traditional costumes.